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Cost effective construction site security

Construction sites are often a target for theft resulting in expensive delays and loss of man hours.

The traditional answer is to employ a guard which is highly costly.

By using wireless electronic detection combined with guard response we deliver an efficient and effective site security service at a fraction of the normal cost.





Empty property

Sub stations
Rail track
Lead roofs


How it works

Our engineers will visit your site to plan the alarm, CCTV and intruder detector locations with the site manager. We will then install and test the equipment on site, which will typically take one working day.

An engineer will make a site visit each month to review and relocate the detectors. With every site update a new security plan is issued to the response staff, alarm monitoring centre and the site manager, showing the location and detection area of each device along with any specific site information.

During normal daily use your system will be programmed to automatically activate and deactivate. These activation times are easily updated with a call to our offices.

On-site CCTV is used to back up the system enabling close system management and the provision of evidential CCTV footage. A flat screen display and remote control are supplied to the site manager along with full instructions on how to retrieve CCTV data.

Both the alarm and CCTV can be accessed and controlled remotely by FM Security without the need for an engineer to visit site.

During out of hours operation the system is monitored for alarm activations. Upon receipt of an alarm a guard is dispatched to the site who will carry out a full site patrol.

A full incident report with follow up actions is provided to the site manager after each activation.

‘The overall result is an incredibly effective, cost efficient security system making it a highly attractive option for site security’

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Key advantages

One of the major benefits of using FM Security is that engineer visits are included in the package costing. This means that repositioning of alarm equipment can be planned and arranged with the site manager every month to allow for further development of the site at no extra cost.

Another is that packages include a quota of Guard Response call outs. If managed correctly there will usually be no further call out costs incurred.

Furthermore, rental and installation costs are minimal – Typically an average site is less than ¼ the price of a manned guard. Installation is charged at one inclusive low rate at the start of the contract. Decommissioning at the end of the contract is carried out at no extra cost.


  • Wireless detection devices means no wiring on the site which aids in swift and cost efficient security provision.

  • Rapid installation - normally installed and active in as little as one working day.

  • Highly reliable and effective

  • Optional integration with wireless fire protection devices and emergency fire call points.

  • Control and detection built to BS EN ISO9001:2000

  • Highly flexible contract terms.

  • Fully automated - very easily managed.








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