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Alarms for police forces

The FM name has a long established business framework with the UK police forces, which in recent years has required us to signal our alarms over various wireless communication and TETRA networks.

We offer the option of Control Room monitoring integration or direct reporting via the mobile telephone network.





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Police / Local Authorities

FM Security now provide flexible rental packages for overt and covert surveillance employing FM's long established Police alarm signaling technology.

FM also offer rental packages on a cost effective weekly basis. We always ensure that your alarm equipment arrives fully serviced, programmed and active.

Email or call for our latest rental deals. 

Panic Alarm (PA) System

Deployed in minutes for Domestic violence, repeat attack, vulnerable citizens.

Intruder Alarm System

Deployed quickly for Repeat Burglary, Restricted access control. All our alarms are signaled directly to Command and Control via TETRA, GSM or PSTN.

'The system is extremely effective and easy to use, FM pre-program and deliver the unit ready to go straight out of the box!'

          Telephone 0845 602 6378

  FM Security is an associate company of FM Electronics Ltd