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protecting cables from theft and vandalism

FM currently have systems in place which have reduced track side cable theft to virtually nothing.

By indicating where cable breaks occur huge cost savings can be made by getting distribution workers to the problem quickly and efficiently.





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Sub stations
Rail track
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Cable Protection / Rail Track

Targeting earth and live cables is potentially life threatening to the thieves, customers and employees. Damage to signaling, earth, power and track side cables can occur during a theft attempt and once a cable is broken engineers must then locate the problem before they can fix it.

FM supply flexible security solutions that accurately indicate tampering with track side cable.

By providing accurate cable location details fast action is possible thus reducing delays and potential problems and in some cases stopping the damage occurring at all.

The area where cable damage occurs is identified using mile and yard markers or plain text sent directly to the mobile phone of the operator on call.

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FM Security

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‘FM have maintained a Helpful and friendly contact throughout these trials which have proved to be highly valuable. Since trials started we have eliminated unauthorised access to the sub-station compound entirely. I was alerted to a cable theft in progress which was attended by my staff and BTP as a direct result of the SMS alert provided to me by the system’
Distribution Staff member

The system facilitates huge savings in train minute delays and has the potential to reduce repair costs and Health and Safety issues considerably.

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