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Construction, empty property security

FM Security specialise in the provision of complete security solutions for construction sites, empty property, utilities, compounds and a diverse range of clients.

We combine wire free intruder detection, CCTV recording, Alarm monitoring and key holding together with rapid guard response, resulting in a comprehensive service tailored to your particular needs.




Empty property

Sub stations
Rail track
Lead roofs


What FM can do for you

FM specialise in construction site security for house builders and remote sites.

If you have construction sites, empty buildings or need protection for vulnerable plant and equipment, we can provide a security service that meets your needs.

By using FM Security you can be sure of a proven, reliable service at a highly competitive price. We are a trusted name in the industry and currently supply many of the UK's leading house builders.

An important part of our business success is the ongoing commitment to client support. Our program of maintenance and alarm management is provided by our customer support team.


Security you can rely on

All our alarm systems are linked to our 24/7 alarm monitoring centre and customer support database which ensures we manage your daily and weekend working time changes, email incident reports to your senior management and provides valuable information for our monthly engineer site visits to make any necessary detector location changes as the site develops.

Our development team constantly strive to optimise remote monitoring and are working towards utilizing new technology as it becomes available.


We take your security seriously.

Telephone 0845 602 6378

  FM Security is an associate company of FM Electronics Ltd